Monday, March 8, 2010

My new job and the Givaway!

Ok so I have been at my new job for a week. Its going awesome. In one week I have made $120 in tips alone, I thought that was pretty good. I alo have already obtained  regular customers (YAY)!! However on the downside I really butchered my finger good this week, just part of being a hair stylist LOL. Anyhow I am really loving my job. I am blessed to have it.

My daughter has her CRCT testing coming up in April. She is in first grade and it is mandatory for her to pass the Math section and reading section for her to be promoted to the 2nd grade. Reading she has mastered, she reads on a 3rd grade level. Math she does really well in except mastering the concept of money, i've tried everything I know to do to teach her but she hasn't really got the hang of it. If anyone has any advice on a way of teaching her this please let me know, I will try anything!!

So I posted my giveaway on my last post and only 2 people entered, maybe because I didn't anounce it so I did this time, go on and enter!

I hope everyone had a good weekend I hope to post again soon!! Have a great week!


  1. I'm sorry I can't help you. Could you maybe play store with her? She could buy stuff or man the cash register maybe? Like I said I don't think I could be much help, but I hope your able to help her. I'll say a prayer for her.

  2. Ok i have a bunch of stuff printed off to make a money lapbook for Mia. As soon as I get it done I will let you know. I am going to enter now since I couldn't before because my computer was down.