Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas and the New Year!

Well Christmas is over and we made it through. It was a tough one for us. We have never been so strpped for money that we couldn't even give our children a good Christmas. Although we do try to teach our children what Christmas is really about, I know its disapointing to wake up and have NOTHING to open. We got them a new TV and  Wii that they got like 4 days before Christmas. We went and bought them PJs to open from Santa. Those alone were $77, come on $77 for PJs, really??  I'm glad we were able to make it through with no shown disappointment.

The New year is coming and everyone is talking about what they hope to do in the new year, lose weight, make more money, diet, exercise more...ETC Well I used to do this, but never followed through with it as it just slips my mind. However this year I am saying one way or another I WILL HAVE A JOB. I've been looking for months and have had no success and I am so tired of everything falling on my husbands shoulders. He knows I am trying, but I know its very stressful on him and I don't want his to have to do it alone!! So everyone pray in hopes that a job comes my way.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I will post a picture of the kids as soon as they saw their big present as soon as I can. I do not have my computer right now, also new posts may be delayed until AI get it back in a week or 2.

Happy New Year all of you!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Came Early!!!

Santa visited out house last night.....

We only have my step-daughters til Christmas Eve (the day they usually get their gifts)! We only got them one big family hift this year because money is so tight and wanted them to have a chance to enjoy it before going hime to their mom so Santa came last night!!! They were SO HAPPY as you can see!!

What was the gift you ask???? Well after lots of long hard and thinking my husband came up with what I thought was the perfect gift forour bunch and something we knoew they would all enjoy!!!!

Thats right a Wii, we aren't big on gaming systems, but the Wii is all interactive. I like the fact that they get a workout while playing it, not to mention I can use the work out also!!!  But...... Thats not all they had something to go with it, which with my BAD eyes is my favorite part................ Drum roll please

42 inches YAY no more squinting i'm so happy!!!! Wish we would have had the money to buy these things out right, but since we didn't we went with the next best thing, we leased it (rent to own) from Aarons, not a bad price either!

Took some pictures of Braden and my hubby, Marty, playing with cars the other night, its an interest they both share and enjoy!! I'm glad they get chances to just play together!!
Look over my carpet, we are gonna replace it with hardwood when the kids get out of the i gotta spill everything stage... Even things that are supposed to stay in the kitchen get spilled in the living room, how does that happen???

Oh and in case anyone was waiting around on an update to my mouse situation, we caught him. Put the traps down and within 5 minutes......SNAP  Glad I don't have to worry about that little booger getting me anymore!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and safe New years!

Friday, December 18, 2009


Wanted to post some recent giveaways on other bloggers pages. Over at MckMama she's got a nice photography giveaway, I entered, I 'd love to win it!!!!! And then over at SAHM blog, they are giving away a Prima Princessa: The Nutcracker DVD, this movie looks adorable!!! I also entered to win this one!!!! Get on over and enter to win them both, great, great giveaways!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 3 of the mouse deliemia and Mia's selflessness!

So, I came face to face with the invader last night, and I was terrified!! I was standing in front of our chaise lounge and saw it run from the loveseat to behind the chaise, I couldn't even move. So I stood there wondering where it was gonna do and saw it peak from behind the chaise lounge in a scared panic I moved my feet and it went back behind it, as soon as I thought about moving it peaked out again so again I moved my feet and it hid, last time I think about moving and it peaks again, this time I ran through the hall screaming for my husband!!! Bang bang on the bathroom "Honey I saw it, it looked at me," I could hear him laughing at me "Baby really it was staring at me." So no we still haven't caught this darn thing!!

Fast forward to bed, my husband was waiting on em to lay down and cuddle with him, but I have to perpare myself tucking the cover all under me so nothing can get in) I finally lay down and my husband asked "are you tucking the cover under you" "of course" was my reply, laughing again..Arggg!! Can'y help that I am a chicken!!! I feel like tonight is the lucky night to catch our invader!!

Oh a better note, this past month Christmas has been a very popular topic in my house! We have decided since we have 5 kids to buy one big family gift because money it tight. Mia decided she wanted to giveaway all of her toys to kids that wouldn't be able to get visits from santa, I thought this was very sweet of her. She has taken every penny she has gotten and saved and spent it on her siblings and close cousins for christmas, I thought this was very sweet of a 6 year old to give everything of her own to others. I am so very proud of her to be so selfless and compassionate and giving! I just wanted to share this. Here is a picture of my angel!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Failed attempt and another chance to win the HP Touchsmart computer!

Well we attempted to catch our little pest last night, however, we failed. I forgot to get traps yesterday. My husband, the clever man that he is, says "I bet I can catch that thing tonight with no trap" obviously this is very close to being impossible. So he starts searching the house for items to go with his idea and i'm just watching him in a daze because I can't believe he is actually gonna try....

After several trips through the house, he has everything he needs to get started.... Ok so I watch in amazement as he beings putting coloring pages over the top opening of a deep pot, are you as lost as I was? He continues as he puts cheese on top of the papers, opened the cabinet and moved it right over to it. So I ask him "Baby, whats that gonna do?" He replies with a little roll of the eyes and "when it gets the cheese i'll fall through the papers and will not be able to get back out." Hmmmm ok "so honey who is gonna get rid of it i'm not going anywhere near it" he replies with a "i will chicken."

So what seemed crazy turned out to be a good attempt, but a failed one. Up this morning and no mouse. Why do they always disappear when you have plans to catch them?? Argggghh So tonight its traps EVERYWHERE cause I want this thing gone!

So anyhow for more entries into the contest to win a HP touchsmart computer you can visit Kelly's blog, Stephaine's blog, NieNie's blog, or Sophie's blog. They give you numerous entries also along with the previous post about the giveaway. This is one nice computer!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Those Nasty Varmits!!!!

I was washing dishes and thought I had seen something out of the corner of my eye so I turned and nothing I was like oh, guess I should get more sleep so I continued to wash dishes..... A few more dishes in and again something in the corner of my eye I turned and nothing. By this time I'm thinking boy I am very paranoid today. So on with the dishes then I turned right in time to catch it running under my stove........................

A MOUSE!! This after talking two days before that I hadn't seen any yet! I look to my hubby and say we have a mouse we've got to get traps, he says "OK" never even looking at me cause he knows what a chicken I am. In the middl of me saying "Baby are you not gonna pay me any attention" There the little varmit went again so being the chicken I am I screamed and jumped on the couch wish soap suds still covering my hands. Marty (my husband) gets up and grabs his boot and hides to wait on it to come out again. Really? A boot, what are you gonna do with that. Well needless to say it never came back out.........

Until this morning I woke Mia up for school and was standing in the living room and there it went from the couch to the loveseat. I am to tired at this point to run or scream, so I tell Mia to get dressed and went on to brush my teeth and Mia hollars mommy the mouse is in the hall I look out and its not there, probably in another bedroom so I hurry them all up to get out of the house. I know we are gonna have them, we have chickens across the street and a huge field behind us, but come on do I really have to see it! Its like it has to make sure I know its there, trust me I know I didn't sleep at all last night for fear it would climb into my bed. Sad I know, but I don't like these little varmits!!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Giving to the needy!!

Today my cousin, my daughter, and myslef are traveling just south of downtown to take some well needed items to the needy. My cousin crocheted some tobagins and scarves for them all and my daughter and I went to the store this morning and bought lots of food for them.

I think this time of year especially alot of us have alot more to be thankful for that we take for granted. I could not imagine being out in this cold weather 24 hours a day with no real way of warming up and not ever knowing when I was gonna eat, take a shower, brush my teeth etc..

Lets keep all the less fortunate people in your thoughts and prayers!


I was over at Mckmama's blog this morning and swa she has an amazing chance to win an HP touchsmart computer. You get 3 entries, head on over and enter yourself!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New to all this

I am new to the blogging scene. I figured since I am a stay at home mom (i go to school part time) with to much time on my hands it would give me something to do, is there a such thing as to much time on your hands especially with kids lol.