Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boring Day

Today has been really boring. I knw it would go by fast since its my husbands only day off. I gave the whole family haircuts. Made all my children look older, why did I do that. Atleast they aren't shaggy anymore. I have washed clothes today to the point I wonder why sometimes we don't belong to a nudest colony, not that I would ever walk around with no clothes on, are you kidding me?!?!

I want to host a giveaway on my own, but not sure of what I can do,maybe a gift card or something, anyone have any ideas PLEASE let me know. I will post pictures of the kids haircuts as soon as I get a chance to, right now I have a very sleepy Braden saying come on mommy let go in there and watch tv mom please look at me i'm talking to you, I need you mommy I am so scared!

Duty calls and I must get him to sleep before he falls asleep standing here and falls in the floor. Please send me any ideas on the giveaway please. Thank you and goodnight!

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