Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 3 of the mouse deliemia and Mia's selflessness!

So, I came face to face with the invader last night, and I was terrified!! I was standing in front of our chaise lounge and saw it run from the loveseat to behind the chaise, I couldn't even move. So I stood there wondering where it was gonna do and saw it peak from behind the chaise lounge in a scared panic I moved my feet and it went back behind it, as soon as I thought about moving it peaked out again so again I moved my feet and it hid, last time I think about moving and it peaks again, this time I ran through the hall screaming for my husband!!! Bang bang on the bathroom "Honey I saw it, it looked at me," I could hear him laughing at me "Baby really it was staring at me." So no we still haven't caught this darn thing!!

Fast forward to bed, my husband was waiting on em to lay down and cuddle with him, but I have to perpare myself tucking the cover all under me so nothing can get in) I finally lay down and my husband asked "are you tucking the cover under you" "of course" was my reply, laughing again..Arggg!! Can'y help that I am a chicken!!! I feel like tonight is the lucky night to catch our invader!!

Oh a better note, this past month Christmas has been a very popular topic in my house! We have decided since we have 5 kids to buy one big family gift because money it tight. Mia decided she wanted to giveaway all of her toys to kids that wouldn't be able to get visits from santa, I thought this was very sweet of her. She has taken every penny she has gotten and saved and spent it on her siblings and close cousins for christmas, I thought this was very sweet of a 6 year old to give everything of her own to others. I am so very proud of her to be so selfless and compassionate and giving! I just wanted to share this. Here is a picture of my angel!!!

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