Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Came Early!!!

Santa visited out house last night.....

We only have my step-daughters til Christmas Eve (the day they usually get their gifts)! We only got them one big family hift this year because money is so tight and wanted them to have a chance to enjoy it before going hime to their mom so Santa came last night!!! They were SO HAPPY as you can see!!

What was the gift you ask???? Well after lots of long hard and thinking my husband came up with what I thought was the perfect gift forour bunch and something we knoew they would all enjoy!!!!

Thats right a Wii, we aren't big on gaming systems, but the Wii is all interactive. I like the fact that they get a workout while playing it, not to mention I can use the work out also!!!  But...... Thats not all they had something to go with it, which with my BAD eyes is my favorite part................ Drum roll please

42 inches YAY no more squinting i'm so happy!!!! Wish we would have had the money to buy these things out right, but since we didn't we went with the next best thing, we leased it (rent to own) from Aarons, not a bad price either!

Took some pictures of Braden and my hubby, Marty, playing with cars the other night, its an interest they both share and enjoy!! I'm glad they get chances to just play together!!
Look over my carpet, we are gonna replace it with hardwood when the kids get out of the i gotta spill everything stage... Even things that are supposed to stay in the kitchen get spilled in the living room, how does that happen???

Oh and in case anyone was waiting around on an update to my mouse situation, we caught him. Put the traps down and within 5 minutes......SNAP  Glad I don't have to worry about that little booger getting me anymore!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and safe New years!

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