Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Failed attempt and another chance to win the HP Touchsmart computer!

Well we attempted to catch our little pest last night, however, we failed. I forgot to get traps yesterday. My husband, the clever man that he is, says "I bet I can catch that thing tonight with no trap" obviously this is very close to being impossible. So he starts searching the house for items to go with his idea and i'm just watching him in a daze because I can't believe he is actually gonna try....

After several trips through the house, he has everything he needs to get started.... Ok so I watch in amazement as he beings putting coloring pages over the top opening of a deep pot, are you as lost as I was? He continues as he puts cheese on top of the papers, opened the cabinet and moved it right over to it. So I ask him "Baby, whats that gonna do?" He replies with a little roll of the eyes and "when it gets the cheese i'll fall through the papers and will not be able to get back out." Hmmmm ok "so honey who is gonna get rid of it i'm not going anywhere near it" he replies with a "i will chicken."

So what seemed crazy turned out to be a good attempt, but a failed one. Up this morning and no mouse. Why do they always disappear when you have plans to catch them?? Argggghh So tonight its traps EVERYWHERE cause I want this thing gone!

So anyhow for more entries into the contest to win a HP touchsmart computer you can visit Kelly's blog, Stephaine's blog, NieNie's blog, or Sophie's blog. They give you numerous entries also along with the previous post about the giveaway. This is one nice computer!!!!!!!!

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