Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fingers Crossed!

So today my hubby and I took my poor car to a mechanic in Cleveland, TN. I have my fingers crossed and I am hoping and praying nothing major is wrong with it. I've had it for like 2 weeks and haven't even got to drive ehr yet, that sucks. I feel like a teenager with no permit to drive, I go outside everyday and start her to keep her battery strong. I sit in the car for about 15 minutes cleaning or listening to the radio, then I turn her off get out and come back in. I am so anxious to drive this car, it is driving me crazy not to mention it will be so much cheaper on gas than the gas guzzling Explorer we have right now.

Its been SSSOOOO cold here the past few days, but today especially. I can walk outside and it feels like the wind is cutting right through my ears. I can't til spring gets here. I love the spring and fall weather.

My baby girl Mia will be turning 7 years old on Saturday. I can't believe the time has just flown by. I fell like we are losing time because it is going by so fast. I've been on the verge of tears over it for days. She wanted to go bowling for her birthday with her sisters, so Saturday we wil be taking all 5 of our children bowling (god help me).

Hope everyone is staying warm!!!


  1. Hope the car is ok!! And relatively easy & cheap to fix - I hate care troubles. :(
    I have to giggle about you spending "quality time" with your car everyday - I would totally do the same thing.

  2. Jeez I hope you have some good luck for a change with your car or pretty soon you'll be giving it that yellow fruit name. LOL I live in North/Central Arkansas and we've gotten plenty of snow and cold weather. Have a great time at the birthday party! They're only young once!

  3. i just can't believe Mia is going to be 7. Time flies!

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  5. Hello! 5 kids? OMG! I have 3 and mahe a major headache everyday already! good thing I dont drive and no car!

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    enjoy swapping while tending cars and kids!

  6. Children defiately make the time feel like it is flying by! Enjoy your time with your kids and with your car :-) I know we are all looking forward to springtime...

    (aka BarkleysMommy @ Swap-Bot)