Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How much did you say again?

Ok so my not so new but new to me car had a problem. We were told by a very trustworthy shop that it needed a new throtle body, called and found one for $100, labor was free since my husband did it. Well working on it for 4 hours yesterday replacing the part, I was so excited that my car was gonna be fixed and i was gonna get to drive it. YES finally.... WRONG!! The throtle body didn't fix the car so today I call our VW dealer, talk to the shop and find out what the worse case would be he says the ECM. I'm thinking ok that doesn't sound to bad so I ask the guy what and where the ECM was, he says it plugs into the throtle body and it was the brain, computer for the whole car, now i'm thinking oh great. So I tell my husband he wants me to call back talk to the parts department and find out how much that part will cost so I did just that. He tells me to hang on after getting all the information he needed, he comes back after a few minutes and says "ma'am are you sitting down?" I know then that I don't want to know how much it is I really don't. So I ask him what the damage is he says "$1,231!" Excuse me sir I think my phone is cutting out, how much did you say? He repeat the price I thought I was gonna choke on my drink.

He was very nice and suggested we take it to a very good man he knows to have it looked at first before we are set on it being the ECM. We gotta take it on monday. I SOOOO hope this isn't the problem....

Another subject (on a happier note)

My husband loves to customize hotwheels, so we got him an airbrush kit. He of course wanted to play with it and try it out before using it on the cars, so what does he do with it....???

Anyone wanna try to guess???


  1. Oh please don't tell me that he painted your new car! Unless of course you wanted him to.

  2. With Marty, there is no telling...lol.