Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ready To See???

Here is what my husband did with his airbrush kit for practice???

No thats not my kids you see in the picture, my husband would never airbrush our children!!

(no kids were harmed in the making of these photos, the paint is non-toxic)

Mia could not wait to get it washed off, however, Braden wanted to leave it on, he wanted his tattoos forever he said. My husband did learn that the airbrush set was crappy and hated that he wasted his money on it.

Hey Shana has another giveaway going on. Everyone remember Rainbow Brite? She's back, Shana is giving away some activity CD's. I am going to enter and you should too.

The deadline for my giveaway is slowly drawing near, if you haven't entered yet, go ahead and enter.


  1. Yeah I can so see Marty doing that!! Thanks for blogging about my giveaway that gives some extra entries I

  2. lovely blog and happy to follow you, my name is glendas on swapbot., have a great week, love from Glenda

  3. how funny! I bet the kids had fun and enjoyed their "tattoo's" LOL! Sorry your husband didn't really like the airbrush after all. kc_froglady @ SwapBot