Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am no longer umemployed, I am so happy. School and job searching finally payed off! I am now a very happy employee of..............

I took my practical for her today and she said my cuts looked great! No one even knows half of my joy. I also get to go get my car on Monday, and actually get to drive it. Its been a really good week for me and things are starting to look up for us for once! I've had faith and trust in god that something was gonna change and it finally did!! Stay tuned, i've got a giveaway coming very soon!!!

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  1. Don't lose that faith even when things are bad because you life is like a roller coaster, you are either up on the mountain top or down in the valley, but God is there through all of it! He will never put you where His love won't keep you. Love you!