Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good news and a GIVEAWAY!

So Frec (our mechanic) called today. It was the computer that my car needed luckly he found one for $125 already got it and had it put on. I was very thankful for that. There were a few more things he thought were very important to do, so my husband told him to go ahead. I am so thankful my car is good, can't wait to get it back and actually be able to drive it. I miss it sitting in the driveway.

So everyone loves free things right Well how can you resist a giveaway especially something awesome and educational for children. well head over to Shana's page and enter this give away for an awesome educational movie. I have already gotten most of my entries done and have my fingers crossed!!!! My son loves cars and this would be an awesome aid in teaching him important life morales. So go on now you know you are dying to enter go ahead!!

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