Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My 7 year old daughter, going on 27!!

 So as everyone knows Mia's birthday was Saturday. She got a total of $50 for her birthday so sunday I took her to spend it! First we went to the mall and went to Claires, she bought a braclet for $2.99 and some earrings for $8.50 her total was $12 and some change. I called my husband to let him know we were gonna go to wal-mart on the way home to see if she could find anything else she might want and this was her reaction.

Me: Babe i'm gonna taker her to wal-mart then we are gonna head home.

Mia: Mom tell daddy we might just need to come straight home, i've already spent to much money!

Me: Its not so much fun spending money when its your own is it?

Mia: No

Everytime she wanted something she always turned and looked at me and said mommy is this gonna take all my money? She cracks me up.

We are still having snow flurries. but nothing is really sticking anymore. I wish it would and my husband could stay home for a day or two!!!!

Ok so on to another subject. Man I need some serious good vibes sent my way. I've got a situation I haven't really talked to anyone about other than my hubby of course. I just need to seriously vent. My husbands brother moved in with us about a month ago. I have NO prblem at all helping someone out when they need it, NONE at all. He has 3 children that he gets every other weekend and few nights this week since they are out of school for the week. Well his children are seriously rude and mean. His oldest is rude and a smart butt to my daughter when he thinks no one is looking he trys to get her into trouble by saying things. He talks down to her badly. I am a very nice person and try to give every situation the benefit of the doubt, but its getting hard for me to keep my mouth closed.

His youngest bullies my son badly. He pushes him down and takes his toys and my son just gets up and goes on. The sadest part of it is that their father is sitting in the room watching it all and never says a word to them. I told my husband tonight, I have held my tounge as long as I can, but this is our house and our childrens things and they are not gonna be mistreated in any way they are my first priority and I have to make sure they are protected. He agreed and is gonna tell him things are run our way with his kids having the same rules as ours or he'll have to keep them somewhere else.

I know everyone has the right to raise their children how they see fit, but when you are living with someone else you should have more respect than that especially when you are living there for FREE. He has paid for nothing. This past week he gave me $15 towards groceries. I had my 2 my 3 stepdaughters and his three to feed. I spent $300 in groceries last week and he gives me $15 for things for his kids what does he think I was gonna buy for that.

I know I am being a little bitty but hey I have had my feel. He works and I feel like he could contribute something and make his kids behave and be more respectful in MY house!!

Thank you to everyone for "listening" to me rant. I just needed to get it out!!!!

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  1. sending good thoughts your way! the household issue reminds me of those super nanny shows on tv where house rules get put into place to give everyone appropriate boundaries!!! ask for what you need!

    good luck!